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A Secure Test Bed for Hybrid Quantum Technologies

Quantum Corridor® is provisioned with secure, Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant transmission and receiver equipment. State-of-the-art connectivity enables high-speed and multi-wavelength classical communications. Fiber connections may be employed in quantum key distributions (QKD) and its applications such as quantum position verification and quantum secret sharing.

The coherent optical network brings quantum networking research outside the lab, enabling both classical information technology applications and distributed fiber-optic sensing (DFOS) systems. Relay stations along Quantum Corridor®’s route will minimize transmission loss, making quantum networking possible over long distances. Quantum communication protocols call for classical information transmission channels with the speed and capacity of Quantum Corridor®.
Light photons have been shown to be the only viable medium for transmitting quantum states over significant distances. Quantum Corridor® can play a central role in bringing quantum networking operations such as teleportation and entanglement swapping outside of the laboratory to realize distributed networks.
Quantum Corridor® offers a nanotechnology test bed for the integration of bright, stable single-photon emitters (SPEs) in photonic chips. Such solid-state devices will be critical to developing real-world quantum applications.