about Us

A Path Built for Speed Transforms the Race to Quantum Superiority

Quantum Corridor Inc. is a cutting-edge coherent optical network technology company that speeds business adoption of quantum computing, sensing and communications discoveries, enabling a Midwest ecosystem of public and private partnerships, world-class companies, researchers and investors.

Quantum Corridor® is America’s passage to commercializing defense, business, science and academic breakthroughs in quantum technology. The fastest secure commercial fiber-optic network in North America allows instantaneous communication between researchers and their collaborators.

Accelerating their progress, the Quantum Commercialization Center™ (QC3) facilities provide lab space and resource hubs to develop and market their discoveries. Quantum Corridor® will attract the brightest tech talent on the planet to the Midwest, speeding decisive discoveries to market.
our mission
Quantum Corridor Inc.’s mission is to build American-owned, Trade Agreements Act-compliant quantum connections andQuantum Commercialization Center business incubators to help commercialize America’s defense, business, science and academic industries—and to help develop the ecosystem needed to win the global race for quantum superiority.
our values
Quantum Speed: Quantum Corridor Inc. strives to operate at the speed of quantum with quality, accuracy and precision–fast is no longer good enough.

Dream Team: Quantum Corridor Inc. works as one team, highly skilled and driven to build quantum’s future within the Midwest.

Partnership: Quantum Corridor Inc. collaborates uniquely and in a big way with technology partners, academia, the government and customers.

Unbreachable Trust: Quantum Corridor Inc. is a trusted steward of data hyper-focused on security and compliance, building impenetrable networks.

Radical Innovation: Quantum Corridor® is at the cutting edge of transformation, encouraging unconventional thinking and execution internally and externally, fostering the unimaginable in real-world breakthroughs and laying the foundation for U.S. quantum superiority.

Digital Greenlining:
Quantum Corridor Inc. is committed to eliminating the digital divide and to democratizing advanced digital access and use.
our network
Offering speeds 1,000 times faster than traditional networks, Quantum Corridor® is America’s first quantum-capable fiber network deployed in a real-world environment. Quantum Corridor Inc. launched the fastest secure commercial fiber-optic network in North America with its first transmissions from Chicago to Hammond, Indiana. Quantum Corridor® will enable regional businesses and institutions to achieve breakthroughs in defense, financial modeling, biotech, cybersecurity, machine learning and other vanguard technologies.
project timeline
Quantum Corridor®’s coherent optical network is scaling its length and capacity to bind the Midwest’s premier research institutions and strong commercial base. Future phases will support technology workforce development and commercial applications of quantum technology in areas such as chemistry, cryptography, machine learning, optimization and simulation.
Fiber in the ground and
optics deployed.
Toshiba Systems tests quantum key distribution (QKD) and BB84 protocol over the 12-mile Quantum Corridor® network.
Toshiba Systems tests quantum key distribution (QKD) and BB84 protocol over the 12-mile Quantum Corridor® network.
(PLANNED 2025)
Once successfully tested, Quantum Corridor Inc. extends the Quantum Corridor® route to 172 miles from Chicago to Ohio and beyond.

“As one of the few North American sites that can facilitate QKD transmission, Quantum Corridor®’s network will enable government contracts and accelerate product development. Quantum Corridor®’s services will play a key role in connecting researchers, hyperscalers and developers along a secure quantum software pipeline.”

— Kanav Setia, CEO and co-founder, qBraid