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Positioned to Gain from Quantum Funding Opportunities

Quantum Corridor® is laying the foundation of a world-class quantum innovation cluster that brings together research universities, industry, capital and other critical stakeholders.

Quantum Corridor Inc.’s network will link academic and scientific research facilities, defense contractors and industry partners, allowing them to share information, collaborate and test quantum communications technologies as never before. Extending the secure Quantum Corridor® network will support technology workforce development and commercial applications of quantum technology in areas such as chemistry, cryptography, machine learning, optimization and simulation.

The estimated value of quantum technology in finance, chemicals and life sciences alone exceeds $1 trillion. The Quantum Commercialization Center™ (QC3) startup incubators will give venture capital funders a vehicle to mentor quantum innovators, develop business plans and choose production methods to monetize quantum technology.

Affordable access to facilities and equipment is necessary to bring quantum technologies successfully from lab to proof of concept to commercial viability. But commercial testing centers are scarce, and those that do exist are exclusively tied to universities or well-funded companies.

QC3 will offer quantum innovators access to a first-of-its-kind, fully equipped and secure environment to test and commercialize quantum technologies.