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Advancing Quantum Awareness, STEM Education and the Midwest Economy

Quantum Corridor Inc. is working to close the digital divide as well as the quantum technology gap. Quantum communication technology creates career opportunities in communities along Quantum Corridor®’s route. Quantum Corridor Inc. and its partners work to promote broadband access and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. The team gives quantum communication presentations at industry, investor and community forums. Our experts are advocates for Midwest economic development and respected sources for quantum industry awareness in both regional news media and international trade press.
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Ryan Lafler on Quantum Collaboration
The Quantum Corridor Inc, CTO discusses collaboration with Toshiba Systems for quantum key distribution, the strategic importance of the Midwest, governmental support and advancing global quantum technology competitiveness. (Podcast)
Tom Dakich — A Debt Called Home
Tom Dakich traveled the world but realized home should share in digital success. “The scientists that come to Northwest Indiana because of Quantum will be game-changing,” Dakich said.
Quantum Leap: Data Centers Thrive on Turbocharged Fiber-Optic Networks
Quantum Corridor®’s network aims to take data connectivity speeds to the next level following the launch of one of the fastest fiber-optic networks in the Western Hemisphere.