commercialization centers

A Catalyst for High-Performance Quantum Technology Transfer

Founders, corporate innovators and research organizations will be able to leverage quantum communication discoveries and speed their adoption through Quantum Corridor Inc.’s network of Quantum Commercialization Center™ (QC3) resource hubs. Each QC3 is a purpose-built, one-stop data center, technology studio and startup incubator. Laboratory and business infrastructure on site give QC3 customers the scarce resources needed to develop, market and monetize quantum advances.

The Quantum Commercialization Center™ (QC3) will provide ready access to properly equipped, secure environments for quantum innovators to test quantum technologies, develop business plans and raise capital. Lab fit-outs will provide a physical laboratory space area for research activity and an office-style writeup space for performing desk analysis. Quantum Corridor Inc. is raising funds to develop the first QC3—a quantum communication commercialization catalyst to complement Quantum Corridor ®’s high-performance network.
Startups will work in the same building and utilize the same facilities. Shared services will provide flexible, low-cost lab space and support for early-stage research. Quantum Corridor Inc. and its partners may provide support to access venture funding, legal guidance and commercial mentoring.
The Quantum Commercialization Center™ (QC3) labs will extend the capacity of Quantum Corridor®’s transmission network to support end-to-end testing of quantum technologies.